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Throughout time many have said,

"Art imitates life."

Zulekha Lakeca lives art, imitates life, and binds her audience with designer spell craft. 


The home grown, up and coming, neuvo mixed media artist calls Birmingham, UK, home (think the Peaky Blinders) and draws significant inspiration from her multi cultural history.


Bringing a unique and eclectic flavor of eastern couture philosophy and the emotionally extroverted Western experience in an undeniably spirited fashion, Zulekha creates stills with evocative poise and a subtle dripping motion one cannot help but imagine creeping in upon the periphery.


After completing her BA at The Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Vogue Italia found her work worthy of publication, naming her creations, "Best project of the week".


Not to be satiated with this achievement alone, Zulekha went on to collaborate with "Miss World" and "The Alcantara Project" accumulating further accolades and expanding her audience to bring further multi-generational/cultural viewers to her fantastical works. 


A blend of intensely emotionally charged personas is fluidly encompassed by a textural veneer of high fashion and Avant garde art work. Zulekha's personal blend of home grown, UK, next generation insight will captivate viewers for, what we hope, is a very long time to come.

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